La Martinique Freeware Scenery 1.0.1 1.0.1

Enjoy the landscapes of La Martinique! This scenery covers the entire French island located in the heart of the Caribbean... Contain Photo-ground (1m/p), Mesh (1m/p), generic buildings and a dense vegetation cover... a night lighting is also included,


This scenery can not be sold, it is provided free without any guarantee. What it contains: ground photo, elevation data, generic autogen building and vegetation, night lighting and a basic airport (track, flatten). What it does not contain: no modeled airport, no remarkable buildings, no VOR landmarks and many other things.,, Even if all the care was brought to its creation, it is not supposed to faithfully reproduce the reality. It is not free from defects (far from it) and you will probably find many abortions (trees and buildings missing or misplaced, floating house). Do not hesitate to report them to me, and if I find the time I will publish a corrected version later. I hope that you will take as much pleasure to fly over this scene that I took to create it ... Good flights!


This scenery covers all of Martinique island and includes a photoground cover reworked from IGN data (colorimetry, retouching and coast cleaning and clouds removing), an accurate elevation ground at 1 meter with Litto3D® data, a vegetation cover calculated according to the photo coverage via Scenproc® software, generic buildings (OpenStreetMap, Cadastre en) and night road lighting only in inhabited areas for a more realistic effect.

the provided Areoport Internalional Aimé Césaire is very simplified, summarizing only the position of the tracks without any autogen building on the area, It will be advantageously replaced by a more complete package downloadable on the Fscloudport (http: // www. ) or a futur product.

Direct link to TomSimMuc airport >>

! No full airport included !


Photo Ground:

BD ORTHO® 50 cm Martinique from IGN (Institut National de l'Information Géographique et Forestière) – under open licence 2.0 - Original data downloaded on - Updated January 2017 - adapted to AFS2 by Vogel69

Elevation Tiles:

MNT littoral Litto3D® Martinique 2016 – accuracy: 1meter – under open licence – authors: Shom and l’Institut national de l’information géographique et forestière (IGN), was carried out in partnership with the Direction de l'Environnement, de l'Aménagement et du Logement de la Martinique (DEAL) and l'Agence des aires marines protégées (AAMP). co-financed by the European Union . Europe is committed to Martinique with the European Regional Development Fund. - Original data downloaded from…ale/litto3d-mart2016.html - Updated March 2016 - adapted to AFS2 by Vogel69

Buildings data:

Data extracted and processed from Openstreetmap – INSEE - Cadastre – Software used QGIS & Scenproc from Arno Gerretsen ( – processed & adapted to AFS2 by Vogel69 – Airport Flatten: Trespassers

Vegetation Data:

Data extracted from BD ORTHO® 50 cm Martinique de l'IGN with Scenproc from Arno Gerretsen ( – processed & adapted to AFS2 by Vogel69

Building Texture: by Vogel69


* First check if you have the last revision of Aerofly FS2

* extract archive into AFS2 addon folder.

Where is the "Addon Folder" ?

with a steam version:

>> ...\steamapps\common\Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator AddOns\Scenery\Martinique


>> ...\My documents\Aerofly FS 2\addons\scenery\Martinique

with a DVD version:

>> ...\My documents\Aerofly FS 2\addons\scenery\Martinique


Launch Aerofly FS2 and go into “Place” menu, and search for “Aimé Cesaire airport” located in Caribbean sea on the worldmap. Choose your plane, go and enjoy !


Thanks to the contributors of open data without whom I could not share this work with you: IGN, SHOM, Openstreetmap, The cadastre, the INSEE ...

Thanks to IPACS for the supply of their SDK, thank you to the creators of free software which allows to work the raw data in data compatible with our simulators (QGIS, Scenproc, GIMP ...)

Thanks to Trespassers, TomSimMuc, Rodeo and Qwerty42 for their valuable advice and help.

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  • Version 1.0.1

    Link error in the previous post that was pointing to the old version 1.0.0


    - Adding missing vegetation cultivation files

    - Modifying and adding English & French documentation

    - Modifying tsc cultivation file about "building_textures" folder path to allow the change of folderName "Martinique"

    - removal of some buildings with incongruous placement.

  • Version 1.0.0

    link Error > version to remove please <


    - Adding missing vegetation cultivation files

    - Modifying and adding English & French documentation

    - Modifying tsc cultivation file about "building_textures" folder path to allow the change of folderName "Martinique"

    - removal of some buildings with incongruous placement.

    if you download this version please download and apply update 1.0.1:

  • Version 0.9.9

    First revision v1.0.0

  • Un GRAND MERCI pour cette magnifique scène 3D superbement réussi!!!

    Et avec en bonus, ce complément pour l'aéroport FSCloudPort!

    Question: Es ce que l' île Maurice ou la Réunion serait dans un de vos projet future?

    Encore merci!!!


    • Salut, malheureusement pas de sources valable "open" pour ces magnifiques endroits... Donc c'est pas prévu pour le moment :-(

  • Vraiment énorme, un grand merci. Si des fois tu avais le temps de nous faire un petit (gros) tuto et en particulier sur la création de mesch ça permettrait surement à beaucoup (dont moi) de créer et de partager. J'essaye bien de m'attaquer à la Guadeloupe mais je ne fais que de la m......

    Enfin quoi qu'il en soit, encore merci.

    • Merci à toi drassaud,

      Pour info il y a déjà un bon tuto sur la création de mesh/elevation ici:

      C'est en anglais mais tu devrais avoir toutes les infos nécessaire dedans. c'est d'ailleurs sur celui ci que je me suis appuyé pour créer le Mesh de la Martinique .

      Pour la Guadeloupe je suis en train de bosser dessus... à mon petit rythme bien sur ;-)

    • Merci, je vais étudier ça, et me concentrer sur autre chose que la Guadeloupe alors (que j'avais de toutes façon un peu abandonnée)

      Pour le moment je me concentre sur des choses simples que je sais faire, en ajoutant des compléments autogen aux scènes de base sur les zones ou j'aime bien voler.

  • OK..... one word.... speechless.

    Honestly, if this is freeware, I can think of SO MANY payware that are simply put to shame.

    Congratulations to the creator(s).

    Also to the Aerofly ppl for such an amazing platform that they have created (and getting better !).

    Best regards

  • Merci pour cette super scene.

  • Fantastic scenery to fly. Merci beaucoup.

  • Thank you. The scenery looks beautiful!

    Are there perhaps any 3d buildings?

    • Hi thank you,

      there are only generic rectangular 3D buildings but no extruded 3D buildings, but it's already pretty effective like that. ;)

    • It is very pretty indeed, the only thing I really wish it had is a proper runway. ;)

      Otherwise a great scenery. Thnx!

    • Hm, I looked at your posted picture and I don't have any of the 3d buildings that are present near the airport. There are no buildings at all. Am I missing some files/correct folder path or are there none present in the final version?

    • no building at all ? Anywhere ? Did you keep the scenery folder named « Martinique » ?

    • No buildings at all.

      addons - scenery - Martinique and inside the folder: building_textures, elevation, Images, places

  • :/ I don't know why but many vegetation .toc files were missing in my first package please extract attached zip file update to version 1.0.1 into your Martinique folder:

    Sorry for the inconvenience ;)