WaN: Washington North scenery from USGS images 1.0.0

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Coverage of 450 x 150 sqkm USGS images for aerofly FS2. Levels 9 and 11 as base scenery, level 10 elevation model. See included PDF for more informatiion.

The idea is to provide a basic scenery of this beautiful area with level 9 to level 11 image tiles.

This combines with an accurate elevation model of level 10.

Users can easily add a large number of airports from FSCloudPort.

Additionally I will publish some selected airports with up to level 14 imagery and 3D objects.

So Washington North WaN can be estimated as a modular scenery project.

Enjoy aerofly FS2

Rodeo 8)

  • Version 1.0.0

  • Thank you, it's a very good job and specially the accurate elevation. Very good basis to integrate more precise zones as your airport KOMK Omak.

  • Very good work.

    Many Thanks

  • An outstanding effort!

    I LOVE flying around the San Juan Islands etc. What I’m doing with your scenery is adding my own Z17 tiles in the areas I fly the most, the Victoria to Vancouver to Paine Field area but keeping your water by only doing small squares (I’d struggled with the water turning white).

    And if I ever master how to create cultivated buildings and add trees it will really be nice.

    Looking forward to seeing your airports.

    Great job and thank you.

    • Thanks for your comment.

      I hope to publish the first set of airports within the next days.

  • Well done! Thank you Rodeo.