WaN: Washington North scenery from USGS images 1.0.0

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Coverage of 450 x 150 sqkm USGS images for aerofly FS2. Levels 9 and 11 as base scenery, level 10 elevation model. See included PDF for more informatiion.

The idea is to provide a basic scenery of this beautiful area with level 9 to level 11 image tiles.

This combines with an accurate elevation model of level 10.

Users can easily add a large number of airports from FSCloudPort.

Additionally I will publish some selected airports with up to level 14 imagery and 3D objects.

So Washington North WaN can be estimated as a modular scenery project.

Enjoy aerofly FS2

Rodeo 8)

  • Version 1.0.0

  • Where should this be placed. There should be a sticky on this forum for newbies.

    • There is a PDF included in the download, which should contain the needed information.

  • Rodeo,

    Just have to thank you for the Washington North scenery plus the airports you've done. Terrific addition to AFS2, and I hope you are considering adding more as time goes by.

    • Ken,

      thanks for your words.

      Actually, I love this area. But since IPACS and OrbX plan to do some major part of Washington, I will hold now, until I know the area and airports of their DLC.

    • I understand. I had read that ORBX was considering porting PNW to AFS2 but had put that on hold. I did not know that IPACS might be (stress might be) considering some PNW DLC of their own. I hope they do, it would be a great addition to the west coast scenery we already have, especially if the west coast would be completed from northern California all the way up through Washington.

      Anyway, love your contribution. Thanks again!

  • Thank you, it's a very good job and specially the accurate elevation. Very good basis to integrate more precise zones as your airport KOMK Omak.

  • Very good work.

    Many Thanks

  • An outstanding effort!

    I LOVE flying around the San Juan Islands etc. What I’m doing with your scenery is adding my own Z17 tiles in the areas I fly the most, the Victoria to Vancouver to Paine Field area but keeping your water by only doing small squares (I’d struggled with the water turning white).

    And if I ever master how to create cultivated buildings and add trees it will really be nice.

    Looking forward to seeing your airports.

    Great job and thank you.

    • Thanks for your comment.

      I hope to publish the first set of airports within the next days.

  • Well done! Thank you Rodeo.