WaN: Whidbey Island 2.0.0

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Whidbey Island for the Washington North scenery pack WaN.

Whidbey Island contains 4 airports NAS Whidbey, NOLF Coupeville, KOKH Oak Harbor and 13w Camano Island.

These are 2 Navy airfields and 2 smaller regional airports for General Aviation.
Please download the WaN scenery package to get the basic imagery.

This pack includes level 12-14 images for the airport areas, manually placed 3D buildings, surrounding buildings from USBuildingFootprints and tree detection from scenProc.

  • Version 2.0.0

  • I found Deception Pass -- I missed it the first time because there is no bridge...

    Beautiful scenery of Washington State, Rodeo!

    • I'm not familiar with the area, so I didn't pay attention to the Bridge. Now I checked it in Google and think about adding it to the scenery.

      On the other hand I still don't know the detailed intention of OrbX and IPACS about Washington State.

    • I understand the quandary that puts you in. But if you do decide to update any of the Washington state scenery, I would be happy to assist by pointing out landmarks to be included in the areas covered. For example, it would be nice to include Paine Field in Everett. And if anybody provides a Seattle scenery add-on, then SeaTac airport would be another must...

      I've been flying the Whidbey Island scenery all morning, and it is beautiful. Just jaw-dropping gorgeous -- just like the state really is.

  • Wonderful job on the north half of the island. Any chance you will offer the south half as well? I lived on Deer Lake, just outside of Clinton, where the Mukilteo ferry docks.

    Also, I looked for Deception Pass but couldn't find it. Is it there and I just missed the bridge, or did you not cover that far north?

    Great work, Rodeo! I look forward to more.

  • Thanks for this Rodeo! It really enhances this wonderful fs2.

  • Another great work, impatient to see the continuation. Thanks

  • Flying into KOKH Rwy 25 was alot of fun! Love the colors!