Autogen Los Angeles 1.0.0

License Agreement - Lizenz

This autogen covers Long Beach Zamperini Los Angeles Sta.Monica Van Nuys Bob Hope

just copy (ca_s) into Aerofly FS2 addons folder:

eg ........AeroflyFs2/addons/scenery/usa/places/ca2_s

go to Los Angeles and fly

This is my first work maybe there are some mistakes.

I will try to make more addons if this is ok.

I´ve tested with PC intell 7700k 16Gb RAM GTX1080 Oculus Rift CV1 and works ok perhaps sometimes a slight stutters.

I want to thank ZoSochile ,RyG,drassaud and Rodeos for his grate tutorial they helping me to learn how to cultivate for this exellent sim.

From my point of view drassaud had a great idea of making autogen in Aerofly Fs2´sceneries without the need of images.

  • Version 1.0.0

  • Thanks to rijaves, and all the others who have created liveries, scenery enhancements etc.!

  • dude this is lit but can we get street lights only bc this is very laggy.

    • I'm sorry but the program I have does not allow to separate the lights only.

    • ok thanks. Yeah. Because I really don’t care about the buildings; because I fly so high. I just want the lights for night flights.

  • Extremely nice addition -well done!

    Would love to see the rest of LA (KONT, KSNA, etc.) done as well.

    Thanks again...!!!


    • I'm working on it but unfortunately in openstreetmap there is not enough cultivation in this areas but at nights in VR the view is amazing.

    • Cool, I have actually learned to do this too but am struggling with doing excludes around the airports that work as well as combining several OSM areas into one large one like you seem to do.

      I have a working KSNA area now...once I master this would love to help with this effort as 3D cultivation really does make an already great simulator so much better.

      Perhaps I can help with San Diego or smaller cities that you don't get to.

      Nice work, just tried your Las Vegas!


    • sorry for not having answered you before RepublicDC-9.

      I just did not see your message.

      I think it's great if you can do some sceneries also to share with the community but do not forget to publish the limits of the stage on your work so we can splice them.

      for example 37.000

      -120.345 / -119.340




  • Thank you so much, and very good job.

    I wanted to begin to work on this area before the release of R22 because of this many helipads.

    Glad that you do it before ;-)

    • Thanks to you. Your job in San Francisco is very good too I enjoy to fly there.



  • Yes, this is really a welcome contribution to the AFS2 community. Thank you very much !!!

  • Very nice addition. Cultivation makes a big difference. Thanks for your work.