WaN: Grand Coulee Dam 1.0.0

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3w7 Grand Coulee Dam Airport, additionally with Dam Building and more 3D objects.

A beautiful place to get away from it all, Grand Coulee Dam Airport sits on the shore of Banks Lake, down in a deep but broad coulee, about 4 miles downstream from the massive Grand Coulee Dam. The approach to this field is spectacular, and unusual: pattern altitude is slightly below the rim of surrounding canyon walls (David Herman).

  • Version 1.0.0

  • Excellent job! Being from Washington, it is nice to see some scenery of the area. I will move on to Whidbey Island next -- I lived there from 2003 to 2012.

    I noticed flying over the dam that there are some floating structures above the landscape, which I was able to fly under in the F4U:

    Grand Coulee Dam Floating Objects

    Very cool!

    • Thanks for the hint. I checked this before publishing and know it was attached to the ground.

      I'll have to recheck it...

    • I tried to duplicate this later to make a video, but when I went back it was attached. So I don't know what caused the problem initially...

  • Hello Rodeo,

    very good work.

    Many Thanks