WaN: S97 Anderson Field Brewster 1.0.0

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S97 Anderson Field Brewster for the Washington North scenery pack (WaN)

The town's location near the confluence of the Columbia and Okanogan Rivers made
Brewster the "gateway" to the vast lands of the north (



See the beautiful enviroment with more than 250.000 trees in the cherry orchards.

Gentlemen, start your engines and dry our cherries with your helicopter rotor downwash. :)

  • Version 1.0.0

  • Thank you very much Rodeo for this excellent airport that I am enjoying a lot

    also the great tutorial of cultivation that helps other people to do their own jobs

  • Very, very nice new airport and local scenery. Everything is included - USGS free scenery, super sharp elevation data, beautiful water, a kazillion hand place trees and cherry orchards, loads of cultivation features and placed in one of the most scenic bends in the Columbia River. Thanks so very much, Rodeo and Higgy for making this possible, and for free. The best kind of airport scenery.

    Now we can spend the entire day, evening or weekend flying from one small airport to another and catch all the new 3D graphics and images.

    Best of the best.