KSBA Santa Barbara Autogen 1.0.0

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Cultivated autogen for the entire KSBA Santa Barbara, CA area.

Cultivated autogen for the entire KSBA Santa Barbara, CA area.

Please follow the instructions in the Read Me file.

I hope this helps enhance your enjoyment of this wonderful, smooth running simulator - and spread the word about how fun Aerofly FS2 can be.

Steve Colbert

  • Version 1.0.0

  • Wow! I live an hour and a half drive from Santa Barbara. It’s a beautiful place, and your work here has made me very happy. How about some more of the same in Reno, Phoenix etc? I’m happy to make a donation to you via PayPal, but I want to make it in US dollars. The donation button does not allow me to. If you send me the info to do this, I’ll send you a donation for your trouble, as an expression of my appreciation.

    • xraythree - no donations needed, I’m happy to do this and have been fortunate to have helpers on this forum teach me how to do this.

      My goal is for other users to have fun and for more people to discover and enjoy Aerofly FS2 as it’s a great, smooth running platform I want to see succeed.

      I’m keenly interested in both cities, but I’ll try Reno first!


    • Your work and the help you received from others have really made fs2 even better, while we wait for more good things from IPACS. Sacramento and Reno...wow! Thank you, it is very much appreciated and so very much enjoyed.

  • Thank you for this "great achievement"