towerProcTL 1.0.0

License Agreement - Lizenz

auto-generates tsc & toc files for 15 different lighted radio/water towers

After manually creating the South Florida TL add-on, I decided to automate the tsc file & toc file generation to make it easier for others to add lighted radio towers and lighted water towers to their own scenery projects.

The basic process requires you to use Google Maps to copy the lat/lon coordinates for each tower location and paste them into an Excel file. You then run the FS2towerProc.exe program to auto-generate the tsc & toc files - that’s it ... no TSC or TOC file editing required!

HOW-TO Guide included in the ZIP file

The Towers Library includes the following 15 towers - thanks Jake (ZoSoChile)!

  • Version 1.0.0

  • Hi Kenvention,

    today I had a virus warning from Avira. Though this might be a false positiv, can you check the FS2towerProc.exe program please?

  • Could this program be used to add static aircraft as well? I have tried to add static aircraft based upon Jetjockey10's generous and thoughtful help, but still no joy. I examine the tsc files and can't find what I'm doing wrong.

    It would be great if we could add static aircraft with the same ease as this nice little code you wrote for the towers.

    • Xray, have you tried using to add static aircraft to an airport?

    • Hi kenventions,

      I have downloaded airports, but never created any. Jetjockey gave me a method for which I understand the process, but I just can’t seem to make it happen. I know I have to create a tsc file, and add the planes as objects with the long/lat joy.

      When I examine the tsc in a downloaded airport I understand the elements in it. I see the aircraft in the tsc, and understand the variables I must enter. I still don’t understand the source of the aircraft models named in the tsc.

      Finally, I want to add static aircraft in existing airports modeled by IPACS, not create an airport.

      Thanks for your consideration

    • Xray, you need the aircraft.tmb file in the same folder as the tsc file and the tmb file name must match the aircraft listed in the tsc file.

      So for this example ...




      <[tmvector3d][position][-96.59182273 33.18010693 0]>


      you need to copy the file "c172_livery1_virtual_90_obj.tmb" from another airport folder that has this plane and paste it in your folder with your tsc file. The tmb file is the aircraft model you were looking for.

      The heading of the aircraft is built into the tmb file - you can't adjust it. If you use FSCloudPort, however, you can adjust the heading. You could create a unknown airport in the middle of nowhere, place the planes with the headings you want, download the airport and copy the aircraft tmb files to your other project.

      One way to add aircraft to existing airports is to use FSCloudPort to create a ghost airport right next to it and then place the aircraft on the IPACS airport. When you download the new airport, you can edit the tsc file to delete the runway so all you've added are the new aircraft.

    • Kenventions...thanks for the reply. I will give this a go within the next week. This is similar to what jetjockey10 directed me to do. Wish me luck. I don’t give up easily.

  • Wonderful new addition for the scenery lovers of AFS2. Thanks a million Ken, Jake, and all involved.