KRNO Reno Area Autogen 1.0.0

Lizenzbestimmungen - Lizenz

KRNO Reno Area Autogen

KRNO Reno Area Autogen - By request. Adds cultivation to the KRNO Reno area, with excludes for the existing downtown scenery created by IPACS.

Designed to enhance this great simulator with more autogen.

Steve Colbert

  • Version 1.0.0

  • thank you very much for sharing your excellent work with the community and I wish more people begin to share their jobs

    Greetings Jesus

  • Very nice ! Congratulations ! Thank you very much. Regards Tomfa

  • More joy for us! Thank you Republic!

  • Hello!

    Once again a great job!

    Germany Southwest would be my wish

    Many Thanks

    Greeting wofi

  • I love it! Nice scenery especially at night. Is there a chance if you could do some magic with SEATAC even though there aren't any scenery or airports or building.