Venice, Italy 1.0.0

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Venice scenery for aerofly FS 2.

This is the Venice scenery for aerofly FS 2.

Please find a small local airport Giovanni Nicelli at the Lido to start your excursion to Venice.

The scenery contains several scenic buildings which you can explore. Also 3 heliports have been added to the scenery.

The international Marco Polo airport is included as a preliminary version and will be completed later.

Hope you enjoy the scenery. Thanks to Krzysztof Kaniewski who made a first version for aerofly FS 1.


  • Version 1.0.0

  • Thank you very much Rodeo, excellent Job.


  • Thank you very much Rodeo, very good job :)

  • Again - thank you so much Rodeo for sharing your excellent work!

  • Adak47 : Sorry for the inconvenience, I don't know the MAC structure. But you can use the old file structure as well.

    My venice folder from the zip file:

    Move folders LIPV and LIPZ to ...\aerofly FS 2\senery\places

    Images: rename to venice and move to ...\aerofly FS 2\senery\images

    Elevation: rename to venice and move to ...\aerofly FS 2\senery\elevation

    Your images look correctly.

    • Ok, I have reorganized as you suggested above, and now I get the 2nd (paved) airport, Venice, to show up. Some of the interior waterways are still shaded green rather than blue-green (but that may be realistic):

      Venice Waterways

      Also, there is a file called "venice ttc Ground_Grid.kmz" -- where should it be located? For now it is in aerofly FS 2\scenery\places, along with LIPV and LIPZ.

      Thanks, Rodeo, for this awesome creation!

    • The green is the content of the Bing images, I assume it is a summer image with algae blooms.

      I'd rather prefer images with a more blue water color.

      The Venice 3D scenery does not exactly match the ground image, so we would see image houses in the 3D channels of Venice. Therefore I placed a green water surface below the channels except the Canale Grande.

      The .kmz file shows the coverage of the different aerofly tiles.
      If you have google earth installed, just double click the file to show the content.
      It has nothing to do with scenery data.

    • thanks!

  • Thank you Rodeo for this fantastic detailed scenery. It is a real pleasure to discover all your placed jewels with the R22.

  • Absolutely fantastic! Congratulations for this huge work and thank you very much for sharing!

  • Here are two screenshots of the installed scenery:


    Venice Lido Airport

    If these look correct, then I am done. If not, give me any suggestions that might help...

  • Well, I tried putting the Venice images in the images subfolder, and now I get hi-res terrain and water in the immediate vicinity of Venice. I put the elevation file in the elevation subfolder of scenery. I don't know what that does, but things look pretty good now...

  • The file structure on the Mac is different -- to install scenery I have to control click the FS2 app icon and select "Open Package Contents", navigate to the FS2 scenery folder, and install things there. So the path is Aerofly > Contents > Resources > Scenery. For previous installs -- for example your Washington state scenery -- I've installed files into the elevation, images, and places subfolders within the FS2 scenery folder (as directed in the PDF instructions). But for this Venice install, there is no "\documents\Aerofly FS 2\addons\scenery" path for me to use.

    But you suggest the Venice folder can be installed as is, with the recommended file structure already in place (as shown in the PDF). That is certainly much easier, and a great improvement. But even if I create an addons subfolder to put in the FS2 scenery folder, and put Venice in that, the scenery doesn't load. But if I place the Venice folder (from the unzip) into the places subfolder of the FS2 scenery, the buildings show up and are rendered in exquisite detail. But the water and all terrain (and also the airport) are the typical lo-res you get with the default FS2 scenery in areas not represented by the default scenery (like SF).

    I suspect that if I install the elevation and images subfolders in the correct place, then everything would work. But I don't want to try that without checking with you first.

    BTW -- the buildings are gorgeous, and even if I can't get good terrain and water I will leave it installed.

    Let me know if you have any ideas...



  • What an amazing and certainly really long job.

    Thanks so much to shared it.