Aerofly FS2 Q400 Repaint L3 Multimission Aircraft 1.0.0

License Agreement - Lizenz

You can fly this Q400 almost anywhere without stretching reality very much.

L3 Technologies is an American company that supplies electronic equipment and services to a variety of U.S. government and commercial organizations. This aircraft made its debut at the Farnborough 2018 Air Show.

  • Version 1.0.0

  • Is this a repaint or more? Is it intended for Steam users or DVD users? Steam version aircraft should not normally be placed in the protected IPACS file area - any changes can create problems and will be deleted by the next update.



    • Repaint was in the file name when I downloaded it, it was put in the repaint category, and it should have been obvious that it was a repaint based on my installation instructions. I don't know anything about Steam vs DVD, but perhaps all uploads should go to the same area, which is where? My installation instructions were based on what I had seen in other uploads. Nevertheless, better upload instructions wouldn't hurt, and some effort to simplify things is necessary if you really want user contributions, which are badly needed to encourage people to buy this project.

    • I just read everything on the site that I do see that I end up in the repaint section when I drill down. The files are presented in the order that they were uploaded files. Yours is surrounded by scenery cultivation uploads for Italy.

      I guess your intro in bold is what made me think it was not just a repaint, and the suggested file location does not exist, as such.

      User generated stuff should all be in the 'Users" file locations and official IPACS files are always in the "official IPACS" location. If a user modifies or adds files to the IPACS area, they will be written over at the next update. Sometimes the system will hang up with CTD depending on what was modified in that area.

      Nice repaint.



    • Excuse the long note. No more argument , since we both want to see IPACS succeed. Here is what I see. If you click upload, it will bring up a menu with an item called category. Pull that down and you will see a category called Aerofly FS2 repaints. I presumed that was there for some reason, and people didn't need to be told what they are downloading. I have the Steam edition. Nothing I put in the folder called aerofly fs2 flight simulator addons/aircraft works; however the aerofly fs2 flight simulator addons/scenery folder does work, which suggests to me that there might be an easy and useful fix here. I can put aircraft and repaints in the aerofly fs2/aircraft folder in documents and they do work there, but I only discovered that after making my own repaints, and that doesn't seem like a good home for them, since that is where repaint files still under development end up. I started putting repaint downloads in the "official" section because that is what other people were doing and it worked. I think you are right in a comment you made elsewhere that this whole procedure needs some work and some standardization. So for a start, how about a good, simple installation statement that could be copied and pasted in all uploads whether for Steam or DVD. That would save a lot of people a lot of trouble. By the way, I am not entirely new at this. I have used Microsoft's flightsims since Windows 98, and have seen a lot of problems and also modified just about everything over the years. FSX has always been and still is a big pain, even at its best. Aerofly FS2 may not have so many features, but it looks better and hardly ever crashes, at least for me.

    • There is a lot of room for improvement in the download and install process. Right now, there are too many ways to do it, which leads to unnecessary confusion. Things work most simply and intuitively when the content author sets things up so that when the downloaded file is unzipped, all you have to do is drag the resulting folder to the user's Aerofly FS 2 addons folder and put it in the appropriate subfolder (aircraft, scenery, etc). That is how the installs for Martinique and Venice work. But other installs require putting different files/folders into different folders (elevation, images, places, etc.) of the scenery folder in the user's Aerofly FS 2 scenery folder (not the one in addons). And it is easy to make a mistake doing that.

      The ideal solution -- for me anyway -- would be to always just have to drop the unzipped folder from the download into the appropriate subfolder in addons. That's it. The content author would be responsible for organizing the subfolder structure within that folder to be the way FS 2 needs it. The Venice scenery was installed in the scenery subfolder of addons, and had the required folder structure within it (elevation, images, places, etc). By contrast, with Washington State scenery (Whidbey Island, for example) you have to use the user's scenery folder (not the one in addons) and put each folder in the right place. Naming conflicts can arise there. For example for all the Washington state installs, the images are organized in a folder named wa, which is to be put in the scenery/images folder. But if you install more than one, you either have to rename them whidbey, chelan, brewster, grand coulee, etc (and will that even work?), or you have to drag all the images out of each and put them altogether in the images folder. This seems to work, but it makes it difficult to tell where the image files came from. In contrast, the places folder has distinct names for each of the installed folders (3w7_grandcoulee, s10_chelan, 13w_camano, etc).

      Perhaps I am entirely confused about all of this. Which is all the more reason for making things as simple as possible. Dragging the install folder into a single folder somewhere in the addons folder would do that.

    • A lot of good points. I think more thought might be given the naming of files to make them somewhat understandable a year or two later. I always prefer the simplest method of installing files.