Configurable utility to generate AFS2 objects from OSM files 0.4.1

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Generalized re-implementation of PylonGen

The initial response to PylonGen was quite positive but it became very clear that it was a point solution within a much wider scenery generation need.

So rather than hard code new object types in PylonGen the concept was re implemented based on an XML configuration file to specify selection criteria for OSM features and determine what model object should be displayed.

If you want to generate AFS2 objects other than power pylons give ObjectGen a try.

See readMe and UserGuide for details.

Ongoing discussion of the topic in the AFS2 forum thread


  • Version 0.4.1

    Fix bug in wayLength calculation

    updated test case # and mismatched labels

  • Version 0.4.0

    rebranded as ObjectGen

    added support for override bounding box for large OSM files.

    Animation attribute variability to avoid "lock-step"

  • Version 0.3.0

    Added derivedTag feature to allow additional OSM data to be extracted in a form that is useful for object model selection purposes.

    See readMe.txt and User Guide for details

  • Version 0.2.0

    Major change is to allow animated object models wherever models can be specified.

    See readme.txt and UserGuide.txt for details

  • Version 0.1.0

  • Thanks for this useful OSM objects tool, lenidcamper. The example.xml config file refers to multiple windmill sizes and model files under the "Objects\Windmills" folder however only the 90M windmill 3D model is included within your tool. Can you include the other sized windmill models as well in your tool similar to how you've included multiple sized models under the PowerPylons and StorageTanks folders, please?

    • The other windmill models were "re-purposed" from the Orbx Netherlands DLC, so they can not be redistributed by me.

      There are other windmill models in the Sketchup 3dWarehouse which can be converted into internal AFS object models. There are various threads on the AFS forum describing the conversion process. I found this one useful.

      Hopefully some of the talented 3d modellers out there will share additional models on this site.



      pick up the latest 0.2 version