Germany North Part 5 1.0.0

License Agreement - Lizenz

Photo Scenery + Cultivation

This tile brings us as far east to the border. Images are poor quality.

Hope you like it anyway?:/


  • Version 1.0.0

  • Michael - give me a break! ;D

    I have the North-East area in perfect quality und will share this at this weekend! And please change your oceancolor to 10, 20, 30 ! I have overpaintet all waters and some fields and more in this area!

    Look at my harbor "Warnemuende to Rostock!" Its now a dream! :)

    Photoscene - Airports Germany

    From Warnemuende / Rostock to Polska!

    • The water colour 10, 20, 30 is almost black. The colours I use as recommended by other scenery makers blends perfectly fine with the FS default ocean colours.

      I will try your colours on a test image to compare.

      If you have "perfect quality" scenery then I will be happy to have a rest from my work.

      Which "AeroScenery" tiles do you have?

      Thanks for your help.

    • 10 20 30 is not black - its deep blue and the original oceancolor from ipacs! its a little brighter, but perfekt! Try it! I use this! Use this too for harmony with my scenery!

      Photoscene - Airports Germany

      I have photoscenere ( reworked ) from all the yellow fields!

      Photoscene - Airports Germany

    • or take a look in IPACS-Forum in my Gallery: "Ruegen"!…dex.php?image/868-ruegen/

      not black! Its original!

    • The picture looks good I will revert over to using 10, 20, 30 its easier to remember too!

      What areas of Germany do you have to save me re making the same scenery.

      If made with "AeroScenery" please give me the file reference codes.

      Thanks for your kind help.

      I look forward to seeing your scenery uploaded.

    • many thanks - i'm to busy last time - but i share my alternate images in some days. Let your surprise from this area. Please do the rest of the Germany Cultivation.