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    thanks, I thought you had placed the airports in the downloads, I did place the ones I could get, just thought I had missed something.
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    How do I get the airports to come to life, I can fly over them but they will not work for navigation or for the locator, possibly I need to add another file for Florida that has all the airports in place, could you advise where I have forgot or…
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    In the same area where you placed the add-on planes there is a flower of scenery, in this folder there is a place for elevation.Images and places. place the specific files in those different areas as they are labeled. there is usually instructions in the…
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    Upload Anleitung
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    Replied to the thread UNABLE TO OPEN DOWNLOADED FILE.
    I have all the Bralorne downloads I was wanting the pacific north west download which includes the lower main land of B.C. and Washington state Vancouver, Bellingham, Abbotaford, Chillawack, etc.
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    I have downloaded a large scenery file and I am told it can’t be opened, they say it is an unsupported format. It is the PNW Do you have any suggestions, I have had no problem in the past I have retained these zip files in my download…
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    To let show-up the (world)map you only have to tap the 'Location'-button then you can zoom in and out and move around the airplane icon to the desired 'place' as you call it, all with the mouse.
    Click enter, choose the wanted airplane and if desired the…
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    What is mapping, and where is it placed?