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    Likes the entry AH64A WIP on the filebase.
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    Here is the Work in Progress of my AH64A

    It does fly, bit of a challenge but it does work, trim is ok. Most switches needed at this stage are already in position for you so just wind up the engines, yes they are fiddly to find but you'll get used to…
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    Likes the entry IBIZA Airport only. on the filebase.
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    This is IBIZA airport with standard terminal for now .:)

    extract folder to :- C:\Users\Documents\Aerofly FS 2\scenery\places.
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    Likes the entry Hawaiian Islands: Kauai & Niihau on the filebase.
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    By Team Members:

    Tom - TomSimMuc Phil - Spit40 Ray - Jetjockey10
    Karl-Heinz - Rodeo Michael - ussiowa Paul - Kloot
    Colin - brunnobellic Christophe - chrispriv Andy - donka
    Jake - ZoSoChile   


    1) Install the elevation mesh from
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    Likes the entry South Florida TL Add-on on the filebase.
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    The South Florida TL add-on includes the following:
    • 9 flashing airport tower beacons (green-white)
    • 109 accurately placed radio towers (actual heights adjusted to 100m increments)
    • 7,000 traffic lights (red-green)
    • 32 tall building obstruction lights