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    It seems to me that the images looks more crisp with Reshade. Something for VR ?
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    I'm using a 10 or 11 year old Saitek X-65F - the only force sensing flight controls that I've seen outside of an F-16. It's unbreakable, no springs, no moving parts, it's by far the best, infinitely durable & realistic feel of any I've tried and I've…
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    Yes, I'm also interested in what hardware / software you use for - "moving in pitch and roll".
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    thanks for infos, ...yes, AF FS2 is programmed very well for a fast FPS , also with
    no "5000 Euro Computer" .... also in VR ...

    Would be great when you show your pit here ...especially your 2dof hard + software ...
    I worked on my 3dof since…
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    Replied to the thread High performance simulator.
    I will also take this opportunity to say thank you so much to Mr. Hartman for making all those scenery files for Norway.
    A great job and well done!

    Great to read about other people`s set up if you ask me :-) here comes my Spitfire :-)

    This moving Spitfire…
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    Posted the thread High performance simulator.
    Very happy that i bought this flightsim. I have a homebuilt fighter cockpit for DCS and
    was looking for a good VR simulator for GA planes. I`m used to good framerates and high speed
    from DCS and did not manage to find those qualifications in other GA…