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    Has added a comment to South Norway_20 Gardermoen on the filebase.
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    I installed this with the ENGM airport and got a huge completely flat area for miles and miles, any idea how that can happen, I have the mesh from taburet installed and it is working correctly outside of the many miles of flat terrain the airport…
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    What a view, amazing work, thank you for this great scenery :)
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    Hello everyone, new player here.. please welcome me8)

    So, I wanted to download some airports from the FS Cloudport, I can download the airports just fine, but I am unable to download the "xref_lib_water_towers.zip" as the link seems dead, I already tried…
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    Has added a comment to IPACS Switzerland - Fix ( remastered ) on the filebase.
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    I'm sorry if I sound stupid, but I am completely new to this: do I copy the folder "fix" itself into images, or do I open the "fix" folder and copy the contents of the folder into images, I am using the path you suggested ?