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    great little bird, very very sensitive about rpm, brakes and weight balance ! But what a great addition !!! Thank you so much !
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    Mag die Datei Dornier 27 / CASA 127.
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    Dornier do27 / Construcciones Aeronáuticas SA 127

    To install just unzip the file in your Aerofly fs2 aircraft directory

    Please keep in mind that Im not a pilot so the flight model can be unreal, I tried to reflect the stol capabilities of the real…
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    Hat einen Kommentar zur Datei Switzerland mountain landing places geschrieben.
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    Wowow !! Thank you so much ! Cannot wait to have a PA18, or a Carbon Cub to fly these places ! Thank you very much
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    Thanks to Nabeel and his AFS2 Cultivation/Scenery editor, I was able to clean the buildings that bloomed a little anarchically in this area.

    The update version is know 1.0.0

    Installation :
    Extract the "Autogen Switzeland South.zip"

    Copy the "ch"…