Requirements AeroFly FS2

  • Hi ..

    Already a flightsimmer for more than 25 years and now working with FSX with many add-ons and full configuration..

    But now I have seen Aerofly FS2 and I want to buy the cd version, either the box or the download version..

    I have just bought a new laptop with:
    Windows 10 Home quad core Intel Core I5 11th generation processor with a processor speed of 2,4 GHz and turbo frequency of 4,2 GHz.
    8G ram and 256 SSD

    15,6 inch 1920x1080 (FHD) IPS-screen

    Is this enough to work with Aerofly FS2 ?

    Please drop me a line..

    you can also mail me:



  • Hi Hans, Yes like you spent many years on FSX and P3D then moved to FS2 the DVD version received in the post in a short time and never looked back.

    My set up as follows:

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1, Intel Pentium G2130 @ 3.20GHz, 16.0 GB RAM DDR3, ASUS H61M-K, Graphics PHL 273V5 1920x1080 @ 60Hz, NVIDIA GeForce GTX960, Thrustmaster Joystick and Home Made Rudder Pedals. DVD version of FS2.

    Kindest regards, Michael.

  • Thanks Michael. I will check IPACS for it..

    And I can understand that you never return to FSX or PRd. I have downloaded a demo of xplane 11, but that was not a good idea, too heavy.!.

    FS2 seems to me better..

    I think that downloading the software takes too long time.. so perhaps a box is better..

  • I too tried XP-11 it brought my computer down on its knees, 10-12 FPS!!!!!!!

    In FS2 with the same computer set up with light aircraft over my photo scenery and cultivation I get 120 FPS.

    I would advise like I did buy the DVD boxed set and have them posted to you.

    On a few occasions I have had to reinstall and its a lot easier using the DVD set than spending hours downloading.

    Good luck and cheers........................

  • Thanks for the support and yes I, am looking forward to it..What I like about FS2 is that it is still in development so for the future we will be surprised.. I think my laptop has no problems with it.. This morning I started Tower!3D and all runs smoothly !

    Have a good sunday!


  • Hi Michael.. and back again, I have installed the software, 6 dvd s and it was a pity to experience that even after minimal configuration, the software is too heavy for my new laptop. Too much buffer, not playable..

  • Yes indeed ic5 11th generation.. i have unstalled and now busy with a new install..wonder what happens.. maybe the same situation.. Installing was a long process..

  • The big problem is mostly the GPU ...95 % af all notebooks

    are made for "working" ( internet, word, excel, whatever ) --> 2D , not for fast games.

    When you want to run a simulator with fast FPS in a "gaming"-notebook, you have to

    look for a fast graphic- card inside... which is good cooled :)

  • Higgy... i will sell the software.. no plans to buy another computer with another card, I have just bought this laptop and are satisfied about it.. so I will leave you here.. please delete my account.. Thanks!