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    OK, now I see the benefit for disabled persons who also like to control their favourite games.

    A fine idee and solution by Logitech to help them enjoying gaming...and thus also virtual flying.

    To 'stratospheric': what are these so called controllers for?

    It look likes for blind people, so they can feel on the form what action they represent, hardly suitable

    for handling FlightSim-commands during an (invisible?) flight.

    If you're referring to this Sim(AFS2) there are not so much doubled sceneries available except

    that maybe some community-members made area's are conflicting with some payware regio's.

    Most known is LOWI from Orbx in conflict with local Austria made scenery of same area.

    If you give a detailled overview where you remark the flickering objects then it's easier to findout

    where you have to look in your folder- & file-structure.

    Almost always the reason of 'flashing' buildings is the scenery-load into your Sim of autogen from 2(or more) same locations. So be shure to have only one variant of a certain scenery-area in your Sim-folderstructure. Is valid for any Sim: FSX-P3D-XP-AFS2-.....

    To let show-up the (world)map you only have to tap the 'Location'-button then you can zoom in and out and move around the airplane icon to the desired 'place' as you call it, all with the mouse.

    Click enter, choose the wanted airplane and if desired the conditions and you're ready to fly.

    Remark: right of the map you can even choose the altitude if you like to be flying instantly over or

    around the selected area on a certain height but not forget to handle the throttle to level out ;)

    Thank you for bringing this vast area of the Southern SthAmerica with al his majestic nature-places

    and cities to us, the AFS2 Flightsimmers. Only one little remark: please attention for even coloring the landscape because lining-borders between 2 nextlying tiles, one darker than the other, doesn't look natural at all....see this not as a complaint but as info to matching all tiles together, thank you.


    Thank you for the start of your 'Argentina-project'.

    I have a question about cloudport: I constantly have same error as described in my follow screenshot. By hitting the download button for this(but also for any other airport), I get the message 'Preparing Zip....' but not-ending and after a while comes a file '' but the content

    isn't the desired output. Have you an idee what's going wrong? Thank You.