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    I have created liveries and things for another sim and did it because I wanted to. If I was thanked..... Cool! If I was not..... Also cool!

    I couldn't care less, because simply enough, I would have created it, regardless.

    Moving on from that. I made a post in the Ipacs forum requesting guidelines for placement of third party files because it is in fact becoming quite a mess, and is probably only going to get worse with time.

    Some create separate country files and place them in the scenery folder, some place them in the addons folder, and even in the addons folder there are custom countryfile structures for some contributions and sometimes not.

    With no instructions, this makes a user literally move the files around semi-randomly until they find something that works, or maybe they simply give up. In either case, since the logic of placement may not be apparent, looking into these folders later is not enlightening.

    As the number of sceneries proliferate, I suspect in a year or so reinstallation will be an absolute nightmare as people will have forgotten where they placed stuff and why, and will have to do trial and error all over again.

    I can't see where that benefits anyone, and when and if Ipacs finally steps in to clean up the mess and impose standards, people might not be very happy.

    As I said, I raised this issue recently in a thread on the main Forum:…n/&postID=77080#post77080

    It would also help if it was standardized that installation instructions must be included with all files. Not everyone is conversant with Aerofly folder structure, and frankly it seems contributors are placing files just about anywhere.