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    (especially aircrafts other than Mr. Kaniewski's somewhat rough betas) for the newer Aerofly FS4. Well hope for the best.

    Although I have difficulty with this comment, I find the rough word severe, because in the series that Krzysztof graciously offers us, there are magnificent models, and which are not betas.

    Here is the long awaited version of a large part of the community, the EasyJet edition!:)

    A big thank you @P L A Y for all the hard work and for having achieved and successful this last livery :love::thumbup:

    Hi AOB,

    Extract file to: C: \ Users \ Documents \ Aerofly FS 2 \ scenery \ places, then if you haven't already done so, create a new folder (NL), then copy-paste '' amsroadtraficv2 '' into it.



    Unfortunately it is sad, but the harsh reality is confirmed.

    And few are those who have respect for the community.?(

    Little reminder, for those who remember, it was some time I myself created a thread on the other forum, having a suggestion, to freely offer everyone to make a contribution to all the private developers who we have their works graciously shared with the whole community.

    What happened next? End result, this thread had been graciously deleted by Jeff!

    I think Higgy still remembers it! ;)

    I'm not saying that if this thread had always been current, could have changed things, but in any case, anyone who could read it later, could have had a different conscience.

    Who's that...?:/



    PS: Sorry, if some Google translation errors

    If I can gladly release a little Higgy or Schnuffelduffel's work, I can send them to you split into 4.5 GB via, for that just leave me your email address, and I prepare it with pleasure, no problem, just let me know, and what Higgy thinks too.;)



    In any case, in the past I tried multiple methods, but nothing helps, because no matter what sub folder you will create on another partition, it will recognize once, out of two, because it is a folder native.

    Now as far as I'm concerned, it's quite simply a headache of having to create subfolders and subfolders.

    Indeed, that's exactly what Hartman said, and as IPACS also describes, all third party addons including airplanes should never be in the AFS2 Steam directory.

    I have no addons installed in Steam AFS 2 which is in the D:

    All are installed in the C: Document / Aerofly FS 2 / scenery, provided that there is enough space. ;-)

    Another alternative, for those who are interested:

    Those who have 2 SSD or HDD and who have some knowledge in Computing, is simply to format the largest partition and to create again the operating system in this one, which will become C: by default, and in occurance or will create the famous file in documents, AFS 2, addons ...

    Then on the second, smaller (250 GB) install Steam AFS 2, count about 170 GB of free space depending on the addons you have bought and download on Steam.

    That's what I did, and I'm quiet for a while!:thumbup:;)

    Good luck to everyone

    Good evening Lucky,

    To put it simply:

    All my complete scenes, that is to say, a complete file

    with elevation, images, place, cultivation, I put it in the Addons / scenery folder.

    Take an example: With the scene in Venice, or Corsica

    You copied the Venice file in the directory

    Documents / Aerofly FS 2 / addons / scenery / venice

    ditto with Corsica

    What I rename in each file, in order to better find myself,

    it's IT_Venice, and FR_Corse

    Then to answer your second question:

    If you want to exclude cultivation from a scene or even a folder, do it like this;

    Example: Ireland, place, cultivation

    2 times underscore before the names __Cultivation

    ditto for a file;

    Example: IT_venice, __IT_venice, this also allows not to load too many scenes at the same time it allows to load AFS 2 faster.

    Well, I hope I could have helped.

    Good flight;)