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    Hello everyone!

    Would anyone in the community have the opportunity with the paintkit included on the Arrow IV version of JustFlight to produce a similar texture like the one pictured here?

    In advance, a big thank you to the one who would have the pleasure to produce it, and share it.;)



    For Reminder:

    Generally all ''Photo Scenery'' addons are placed as below

    C: \\ User \ Documents \ Aerofly FS 2 \ scenery \ pictures \ folder ... :thumbup:


    And for the whole Community:

    A THANKS do not cost anything! To all our developers who make us a wonderful job and share their creations freely and gracefully. RESPECT!;)

    Hello everyone,

    I ask if some of you would have the kindness, reproduce this Swissair repaint for the 747, (For Nostalgia)

    In the past, this repaint had already been done for FSX.

    I would be very grateful to you. Thank you!

    Best wishes;)