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    ok, thanks for testing it looks like max file size 5 gb is the only way... do you have every big file, or should i "cut" something in pieces of the existent in our database?

    I think you're asking if I already have the files I've been trying to download, or if I need you to cut them up?

    After many tries, I now have parts 3,4,5,6 of Schnuffelduffel's new Italy scenery (Bella Italia). I did set a new personal record of 12.6GB download, sadly it fell just short of the 12.9 required for part 2.

    Smaller file sizes are really a temporary measure. Internet file downloads are a solved problem since the 1990s, yet not all server software may expose the required features reliably. It is very reasonable for a computer to sleep, power off or be interrupted for any reason and be able to resume communication. While I have near 100% success with files of ~5GB. Some unfortunate person with dial up speeds and unreliable electricity could be worse off than me and struggle even for 5!

    Schnuffelduffel suggests he will make some smaller files, though I don't know when he may have time to prepare and upload them. I was happy to find the .rar files he's using are independent, not part of a joined set, which means any single file can be substituted easily.

    I retried the large files with Opera. They behaved the same way, downloaded some fraction, then stopped with no resume. The download indicated complete, but file size was short and file tested with unexpected end and errors.

    Downloaded Opera...

    Pause does appear to work.

    However I wonder if it detects a non-resumable connection and 'fakes pause' by throttling to near zero bytes per second. That's what appears to happen. I see Opera is still making tiny network access and if I pause for a while, then unpause, download progress jumps ahead. Just guessing, but I don't see how Opera does better than the other 4 programs I've tried.

    To answer your earlier question about Pause, I tried this with FireFox, Edge and FreeDownloadManager. FireFox and Edge hid the pause button for the file. FDM tried to pause, but then reported can't resume. FDM also has a log window which shows submitted and result of communication commands to some extent, so I see logs like "#1: server ignored partial content request"

    Thanks for investigating this Higgy.

    Strange there is no resume option, but we make the best of it then.

    Regarding the poll, last night it took multiple attempts to download a 9GB file, so for me at least, 10GB limit is still too large.

    I'm attempting to download some large files eg.

    Bella Italia 1 - The complete country ( with Sicily ) – remastered

    Each time, I receive 6-11GB, then the download aborts.

    For some reason, I can never resume the download. Consequently, after several tries, I am yet to complete a single download.

    By the way, I have use before to successfully download files.

    I have tried Firefox, Internet Explorer and FreeDownloadManager. All behave the same.

    My internet speed is somewhat low, downloading approx 5GB per hour.

    Is there anything that can be done from the server side to allow resumes to work?