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    I've seen the Lofoten project, and it looks very promising! Awesome Hartman :)

    I wonder what it'd take to create more of Norway and what or how I can help. I have a powerful PC (see specs below) and it's basically idling these days because I'm away at work all day and after work it's time for wife, kids, dinner etc and I'm not getting any time with the PC except for weekends.

    If there's a big batch of things that could process while I'm not at my PC, I'd be happy to contribute to make this sim even more interesting for those of us who enjoy flying VFR in Norway. :)

    My specs

    Threadripper 2920x (12 cores/24 threads)

    128 GB RAM

    RTX 2080 Ti

    It should be able to crunch some data. :)