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    After giving you the instructions I realized, why hasn't IPACS made this easier??

    I will private message you the converted DR400 so all you have to do is unzip, drag and drop into your aircraft folder.

    Assuming you have a legal copy of Aerofly FS2. It makes no sense that you have the Steam version and no helicopters show up. Yet you have all the other aircraft?

    These are your only other options.


    Run an integrity check in Steam.

    2. Completely reinstall Aerofly FS2.

    3. Contact the actual Developers from IPACS.


    It appears not all files uploaded here are in proper locations. Understood, these things happen. Perhaps a few more sub categories could be added/renamed to help combat such problems.

    Categories like Autogen only, Ortho Images only, 3D models only, Airports only. Etc.

    Within these categories, alphabetically A-Z list of Countries/states/etc.

    This is just a rough idea but I believe this will help now and in the future when more and more files get uploaded. Otherwise it could be a nightmare having to look through all the files. Whether you implement this or not, thank you for your time.