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    I am getting sick of this. Every time I log in this happens. If I do not log in I can download any of the files in the database.

    This has been going on for some time now and it's not the first.

    anyone got any ideas to stop this


    Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for your input. I played around with the files and checked all the install directories

    and I now have it working ok. Don,t know what I did but I will investigate further.

    I have made a backup copy so I don,t loose anything. I must have done something wrong somewhere,

    but I will solve it.

    Many thanks for everyone,s help


    Hi Hartman,

    I did a bit of playing about with the file locations to make sure everything was in the correct place.

    I also did a clean install and started again from scratch.

    After all this it is the Lofoten Airports that are the problem. Once these are deleted the terrain is ok.

    I put them back in and the terrain shot up into the sky at all airports.

    I don't know what is causing this to happen, but I will do some more testing.


    Hi Hartman,

    Thanks for your response to my dilemma.

    The terrain is only on the Airport,all other scenery once you leave the Airport itself is perfect.

    I will try your suggestions and see how we go.

    I also tried Leeds airport and this is just the same.

    I might try a new clean install and see if that sheds any light.


    Hi, Everyone,

    I am new to the forum and also Aerofly. Having a slight problem with the scenery

    I have installed all the files and the mesh files. I also installed the Lofoten Extended files as per instructions.

    When I start my flight from any airport I get columns of scenery from the ground to the sky.

    Once passed the airports the scenery is ok.

    Can anyone help with this. Maybe something is in the wrong directory?