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    Hi Higgy,

    I've the same problem me too, I'm unable to download Pack03 and Pack04 of "Bella Italia Remastered" because they are large about 9 and 12 Giga that for me will take about 2,30 to 3,30 hours to download.

    I tried with different Download Managers but the Server stop the connection when download reach 80 - 90% of the full download that's frustrating and there is no way to resume the download, it start always from the beginning.

    I've a poor Internet connection, officially is 20 Megabit but I can reach only 11 - 12 Megabit, so without a Download Manager that accelerate downloads it's impossible foe me to download large files from this site, I believe that a file size of 4 - 5 Giga are fine for me too.

    Regards from Roberto