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    Hi I didn't realise the post was last year until I read it after I posted. My problem was that I loaded FS2 last year & found the frame rate to be so bad as to be unusable, so I deleted it. Then recently I gave it another go on a spare SSD & all is well. Also I have upgraded to Win 10.

    I should also have posted a big thank you to chrispriv & all the others who produced the BC scenery. it is a pleasure flying in that area in FS2 as I fly there a lot in FSX. What a difference! ChrisD

    Hi This method is personal to my experience. I made a fresh install of FS2 on 'E' drive which is an SSD with only Steam on it. Ran FS2 - all OK. Having purchased FS2 ORBX airports previously, I loaded & ran ORBX Central. All Central requires is where is FS2 located & have you ran it once. Select your airports & download. When downloaded I went into 'E' & found Aerofly FS2. Directly under this program ORBX had created a new folder called Aerofly FS2 Add Ons. This has a folder in it called scenery & in that were the folders for each airport.

    Now, I downloaded the 3 sceneries from chrispriv for British Columbia & extracted these into the FS2 Add Ons scenery folder & they work perfectly. All neat & tidy. I have no idea if this would work by just creating the Add On folder yourself, but give it a try. ChrisD