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    I tested all (with Aeroscenery newest Beta) and ArcGIS works, but quality is bad.

    Google and Bing are much better, but i use Bing, because of the watermarks at Google.


    With which beta ? : ArcGIS does not work with 1.1.3_beta for me...


    Since a couple of days I cannot use ArcGIS anymore as image source (Bing and Google still work as a dream with Bing and Google) . Did somebody notice that ?

    (By the way : same issue with Here Maps)

    Still looking at the perfs, if I "load" AFS2 with a complex scenery comparable to MSFS (ex : Paris Ile de France from France VFR, I get comparable fps on my computer for both sims (keeping in mind there is no trafic AI no real weather, no reflections on water and no 3D grass on the ground in AFS2 : so if someone would like to compare he should de-activate these features and probably lower some rendering options in in MSFS)

    By the way : my settings are quite all on "High", some on "Ultra", only the waves and AI 100 % activated, only the waves and contact shadows on "Medium"

    P.S. sorry did not read your last post before answering (we were writing at the same time :) )

    Hmmm.... you make it sound like it might be worth a shot to try it, and there are certainly a lot of Aussie things on those websites. My laptop is not as powerful as your system specs and the base cost is about $100 through Steam . Bookmarked those websites and thinking about it.

    I do not know if there is a refund opportunity on Steam to allow you to try (the problem is downloading the game takes a lot of time after launching it for the first time : so you my exceed the allowed time for a refund...) : you should ask steam's support (personally I did buy the sim on Microsoft 's Store)

    I fear a laptop will not be powerful enough (depends on the settings you want to apply but if yo want to really enjoy it 16Go RAM and 6 Go VRAM would be nice)

    Will have a look if I can find people using laptops

    I am not sure as I do not have it but I think MSFS is probably the only sim that has that sort of world scenery coverag


    Despite I keep using AFS2 for some specific use (VR and some other stuff) I did personally stop making photorealistic sceneries for AFS2 since I've got MSFS : I cannot reach the quality of MSFS sceneries in many places especially on the coastlines and I have been surprised by the very good performances of the sim and he high quality realistic autogen : if you ant a Worldwide sim it's probably the best choice

    although you can expect several iconic landmarks and cities to be missing or lacking in detail. (For example I read that the Sydney Harbor bridge was not modelled

    This kind of stuff will be improved when Australia will be concerned by one of the "World Updates" but you can also find many addons for missing details on : there are actually many versions of the Sydney harbor bridge ( here is one : ) and many addons for Sydney (have a look there :

    Actually ou can fin 16836 freeware addons for MSFS on

    It's a pity that AFS2 did not offer us (or to payware developers) some convivial tools to improve the basic scenery. Thanks to AeroScenery from "nickhod" and "Spit40" 's fscloudport we have been able to make some nice stuff but the fact is in most of the cases MSFS offers a better basic rendering than the one I can reach spending hours to improve the scenery : so I gave up...

    By the way : MSFS works well with very high settings in 1920 x1080 on my computer* with a "slow" 10 Mbits Internet connexion (never less than 30 fps perfectly smooth and typical 40 fps BUT if I "lower" the rendering to make it comparable to AFS2's one (example, no stuff like 3D grass) I can get very high fps probably comparable to AFS2 : never tried as I do not use MSFS for VR** and the sim is perfectly smooth at 40 fps (no stuttering or autogen popup or blurred textures)

    *CPU i7 8700K, 32 Go RAM DDR4 2400, Win 10 64 on internal SSD 240 Go, GTX 1070 TI 8Go, MSFS on internal SSD Nvme 1To, AFS2, FS9, FSX, Flyinside Flight Simulator, DCS, XP11.50 and P3D V5 Pro on external SSD USB3

    **People with 2080 graphic cards seem to be happy in VR with HP Reverb. Currently Microsoft/Asobo seem to be working on a even more performing version of the sim (probably for the need of the Xbox version) but I am fully satisfied with what I get today with my computer (first Microsoft's Sim which did not obliged me to upgrade my computer...)



    quickly leading to a growing mess.

    Your opinion...

    Using appropriate folder names makes it clear

    Anyway : it's a "free choice" :)

    Kind regards,

    Many thanks for the video and for dedicating it to me:)

    Hope you are better

    If I understand correctly the landing gear issue : it appears with all planes even with all graphic settings to the max , right ? ( I will try to reproduce this tomorrow on my sim)




    Unfortunately I am not able to build cultivation at the time (despite I have made many ones, lately it crashes every time I try)

    Meanwhile I try to fix this problem on my computer could somebody build a cultivation for fema4' s high resolution photo scenery EDDM ?

    Thanks and regards


    Hello Giovanni

    Does it happen with all planes ? (if not it may be related with the plane's design : if so not many solutions except if it is a kind of LOD problem wich could be dependent on your graphic settings (Try with maxed settings trying one by one to find "the guilty guy" )



    All are installed in the C: Document / Aerofly FS 2 / scenery, provided that there is enough space

    If not enough place symlink (like Higgy wrote) is the best solution... You build the link to point to the drive you want and you gorget the C: Document / Aerofly FS 2 folder is not on C: anymore... :)


    Thanks Pascal

    I know this is working but it is different from the recommandations from IPACS described by Hartmann

    before :

    Recommendations are :


    IPACS recommends that we do NOT place user addons in the official folder of the Aerofly FS2 (Steam folder). Because it can create clutter - and in addition, the folder structure can be changed in a later update


    So, anyway, for me : no more problems only different solutions :)

    Thanks for the help(s)

    By the way : any idea to manage scenery priority ?

    But is there another problem ? ... i only want help

    I know and you do help (more than a lot) Higgy :) Thanks for all

    There is not formally another problem but sometimes AFS2's behaviour is hard to understand (at least for me) :

    For example if I put the boston_ma addon folder in AFS2's mais scenery folder it works, but if I put it the same way in my dedicated addon folder (created like recommended by IPACS ) it does not work unless I put the images parts and places parts in dedicated subfolders of my scenery's addon folder ! So if in main folder nothing else to do, if in the dedicated addon folder needs "parts management" to work : what other surprises for us :) ?

    Being here I wanted to ask other questions :

    If in some area you want to use two different mages sceneries of the same level and resolution (but not the same size), is there a way to give priority to one of them ?

    Should the highest priority be higher in the folder hierarchy ? (the lower priority being in a sub-folder) or conversely ? (if folder hierarchy has any effect according to images display priority...)

    This could be useful if, like it often happens,the area is quite perfect with one image providerexcept a small area you could patch with images from another provider...

    And if this works is it the same for places ?

    Also is there a simple way to exclude locally objects (especially cultivation objects) ?

    Sorry for te inconvenience if these questions have got replies in other threads

    Kind regards,


    Did you also try to make a symlink with " mklink "…ellen-mit-mklink-so-gehts

    I think it should do what you want.

    Yes this is a good solution if you want automatically put the content of "C:\Documents..." on another drive

    Personally I prefer let the installers do their job like they want and to transfer the folder or files manually to be sure what has been installed, so Hartman's solution is good for me : just a line to modify in main.mcf and some precautions in choosing where to put the different folders, but I have my own clean addon folder now...

    That said, it's just a shame that with the Steam edition, that the ''Addons'' directory systematically puts it in C: \ Documents, and that we have no possibility of giving it the order of a other placement path, such as in a drive D, E, F ...

    Yes I agree with you Tomfa : never did understand why they decided this knowing that on many computers the system drive is a quite smal*l SSD drive (*in relation with the size of AFS2 addons)

    But if the size is he only problem symlink is a good solution

    Yes it would be important to know (and understand...) how it works in every case :

    Caution if you follow IPACS recommendations described by Hartman :

    Recommendations are :


    IPACS recommends that we do NOT place user addons in the official folder of the Aerofly FS2 (Steam folder). Because it can create clutter - and in addition, the folder structure can be changed in a later update

    If we want to install user addons in a location other than the C disk - for me - the following works smoothly:

    First I choose my big disk (D, E, F, etc.).

    Then I create a folder for Aerofly FS2 freeware addons: D:\extra_user_folder\

    Then I open the file "main.mcf" - and type in where AFS2 can find the new folder:


    Then I copy / move the files (images, cultivaton, elevation, etc.) to their respective folders:



    ....................................\scenery\images (contains google-bing, etc.)

    ....................................\scenery\places (contains airports, cultivaton, etc.).


    But : if you install addons like Boston from TriSoftSim wich consists in a "boston_ma" folder containing 1 "places" folder and 1 "images" folder :

    You have to put the places parts and images parts of this addon rescpectively in your scenery\places and Scenery\images folders of your user folder or it will not work despite it would work if putting the boston_ma folder in the scenery folder of AFS2 main's folder : don't know why , but believe me or not I did try both solutions...

    If you fear to mix your addons you can put them in subfolders with the addon's name : it still works !

    It works like this for me, "Jean Paul" being mi dedicated addon user folder :

    boston_ma's images map files are in : "Aerofly FS 2 Jean Paul\scenery\images\boston_ma" folder

    boston_ma's places folders and files are in "Aerofly FS 2 Jean Paul\scenery\places\boston_ma" folder

    Thanks a lot Fizzelle

    This will be usefull for me and others

    But writing this post I was more thinking in other beginners than in myself, so I keep thinking that anyone uploading a file should also give clear installation instructions (i.e. for example more than : "this is a cultivation")