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    Higgy, the Hawaiian Islands addon has given me more joy than any 30euro fs2 dlc I ever bought. So, that's what I've sent your way. I hope this helps. Best cheers mate and Happy 2023.

    Are we likely to get Aerofly FS4 user content soon? I've really enjoyed the extra FS2 content (like Hawaii) and continue to use this with FS2 but it would be nice to be able to use this with the new and improved FS4. I realise that there are some things that can be imported but most of this is above my ability to do this. I really hope that Aerofly developers will make a simple translation program to do this but maybe this is just wishful thinking. Thanks and cheers.

    Ya, I'd also like to know how well this works in VR with FS2 and xp11 (both Vulkan). Reading info on the Reshade website it seems to require higher GPU usage which may be ok since I seem to be mainly CPU bound (even with a i9 9900k at 5Ghz) and my gtx1080ti seems to have a lot of headroom. Thanks.