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    They do not seem to work. The repaints are showing up to select, but when doing so they do not show up in the sim when it loads. For instance, if I select a repaint for 172 that I installed, the standard paintjob shows up when the sim loads. I'm placing the repaint folders in correspondings aircraft folder. Is that correct?

    Ok will try. Thanks

    Why ... ?

    Its a little bit more " clickwork "... but technical no problem.

    10 Files with 500 MB are no problem ...

    100 files with 50 MB ... are not really sexy :) :)

    😂 I tried again, 6 zip flies at approx 1 gb per file. I tried to upload one direct and it was over 30 mins and did not even reach 15% upload. I ran into same issue with 500mb files. It will take all day to upload two tiles at that rate. I think I'm going to use google drive. Would that be ok? It's very fast.

    40 mbs is very fast whats the problem ... that are 5MB in a second ... ?!

    What does our Server tell you .... how long 1 GB will take here for upload ?

    sorry I dont understand it :)

    I need here about 15-20 minutes for 1 GB ....(rough check...not measured) for a upload

    Yes, something is amiss. I will try again tomorrow. And thanks, especially for the amazing contributions to FS2. A lot of fun!

    I think ...when your upload in the intenet is to slow ... it doenst matter where you want to upload it ...

    Its no problem to make little pieces ... 500 MB ? How long it will take ?

    The other option is to upload it there ...where you have a faster connection .. ?!

    Ok, thanks I have high speed connection. Very good. I'll try 500 MB