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    HIggy, I donated once I found out about the situation from the aerofly forum but I got to wonder how long this site is going to continue given the scarcity of people using and volunteers coming up with stuff (especially aircrafts other than Mr. Kaniewski's somewhat rough betas) for the newer Aerofly FS4. Well hope for the best.

    I tried MS Flight Simulator 2020 but refunded it after spending 2 hours downloading about 5%, as even though I have a download 135Mbps capacity it only wanted to down load at 10Mbps from MS servers even though I bought it through Steam. I eventually ended up buying and am now using X-Plane 11 exclusively as it has global coverage including buildings on the ground rather than flat rectangles as long as you have the graphics settings high enough. It downloads off of Steam servers without issue and rapidly at my full download bandwidth. Unlike MSFS 2020 it does go on sale, it was $34 during the last Steam summer sale. It does not have as good scenery as MS FS 2020 although you can find free and pay (Ortho4XP and Orbx True Earth respectively) HD scenery which is better but still not FS2020 level. But it does not require a continuous internet connection and does not continuously download data eating up your monthly data cap or take 20 hours to install each frequent update. Also I found that the flight dynamics was extremely good compared to Aerofly FS 2. While I also have Aerofly FS 2 on Steam I don't use it much anymore as I don't do VR and prefer the correct flight dynamics, breadth of addon aircraft that are available, and the global coverage and 37000+ airports in X-Plane 11. Sadly, even after 5 years IPACs failed to meet the expectations that they would continue to add features to bring Aerofly FS 2 up to a full quality flight simulation like the X-Plane series. I bought all the DLC for Aerofly FS 2 (and not on sale either) so I am a little salty about this game.