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    Higgy... i will sell the software.. no plans to buy another computer with another card, I have just bought this laptop and are satisfied about it.. so I will leave you here.. please delete my account.. Thanks!


    Yes indeed ic5 11th generation.. i have unstalled and now busy with a new install..wonder what happens.. maybe the same situation.. Installing was a long process..

    Hi Michael.. and back again, I have installed the software, 6 dvd s and it was a pity to experience that even after minimal configuration, the software is too heavy for my new laptop. Too much buffer, not playable..

    Thanks for the support and yes I, am looking forward to it..What I like about FS2 is that it is still in development so for the future we will be surprised.. I think my laptop has no problems with it.. This morning I started Tower!3D and all runs smoothly !

    Have a good sunday!


    Thanks Michael. I will check IPACS for it..

    And I can understand that you never return to FSX or PRd. I have downloaded a demo of xplane 11, but that was not a good idea, too heavy.!.

    FS2 seems to me better..

    I think that downloading the software takes too long time.. so perhaps a box is better..

    Hi ..

    Already a flightsimmer for more than 25 years and now working with FSX with many add-ons and full configuration..

    But now I have seen Aerofly FS2 and I want to buy the cd version, either the box or the download version..

    I have just bought a new laptop with:
    Windows 10 Home quad core Intel Core I5 11th generation processor with a processor speed of 2,4 GHz and turbo frequency of 4,2 GHz.
    8G ram and 256 SSD

    15,6 inch 1920x1080 (FHD) IPS-screen

    Is this enough to work with Aerofly FS2 ?

    Please drop me a line..

    you can also mail me: