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    I have managed to delete the bookmark for downloading user made airports for FS2 and I cannot remember the name of the website. Could someone please help me out thanks. :(

    Thanks I can now see trains. The problem was that my laptop is a dual GPU one and I did not realise how that works. No manual came with the machine to explain anything. Once I went into the NVidia control panel and attached the GeForce video card to Steam it worked a lot better. Frame rates shot up too! That took me a week to figure out.


    I am wondering about the amsroadtraficv2 file. I unzipped it and put it in scenery places but i have never seen a train in the scenery. Should I be putting the amstrain files somewhere else? Maybe I am not looking in the right place. Where are they exactly in the scenery? I have been looking all over Amsterstam for them.:(

    Hartman's solution works fine for me but only after removing scenery and installing it again manually to my F drive. For some obscure (to me anyway) reason my system did not appreciate me just moving scenery from one drive to another.

    I fully appreciate what Tomfa said. I have offloaded my GB and Ireland, Norway, Finland, Kathmandu and Paris because I ran out of memory. I only wish I knew of the "always defaulting to drive C:\Documents" when I had a 250gb SSD installed as my drive C! I have tried Hartman's solution without success so far but will keep trying.

    If the George Washington bridge is showing up in the DVD version and not the Steam version then they are not quite the same versions. I do not see why we steam users could not get an upgrade to incorporate it! Perhaps we should ask IPACS directly.