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    It is clear even from the small survey sample to date that some users prefer larger download sizes.

    But for those of us living on the fringes of the web, large files are problematic.

    I have downloaded 20-30 Gb updates from other file servers (ie steam) without a problem

    (and can even stream Netflix in HD :))

    But I have had flight-sim downloads abort at less than 3 Gb

    If there is no way to get the file server software to provide more robust management of intermittent connections, I hope there can be a consensus on smaller archive packages.

    There is a small overhead for authors to bundle in smaller packages. And if there was a "Download All" option or a container archive containing all the sub packages the users who prefer larger files would still have ease of download.

    Otherwise some users are precluded from enjoying some of the great work offered on this site.