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    Next question is ...

    our server-space is nearly full ... so we have to decice what we can delete ( FS2 content ? )

    Does that mean we need to buy a new server, or buy more space from the current service provider, whoever that is?

    The trouble is, computers are perfectly logical, do exactly what they are told, and have no common sense at all. So when they get an instruction to paint a building green, followed by an instruction to paint the building at the identical location purple, it does that, and then gets the earlier instruction again, because it is now purple instead of green..., and so on and so on.

    At the time I only had 100GB /month, or 3GB / day so I only ever d/l one file at a time. My provider has just doubled my bandwidth allowance at no extra cost, but that is still only 6GB per day. I try to pick a time when the rest of the world is asleep, and make sure none of the other machines in my network is using the internet. There is a lot of cyberspace between Europe and Oz :S

    Hello again Higgy - that's great support.

    I ran into probs with the Iberia ortho files, so I tried Free Download Manager, with mixed results. I saw speeds as high as 5MB/sec but they would tail off to about160 KB and fail with "Remote server closed the connection". I have them all now, but it was a struggle

    With FDM, I discovered I could stop a slow download ( ~ 140KBs) then restart it and get much better speeds, so that is a tip for others.

    I had not seen your poll in Feb, but I think a 3GB limit on filesize would give more people more access to reliable downloads.

    Thanks again,


    Hello higgy - I have been trying to download papic's Catalonia scenery since early March, without success. It starts off well, but seems to fail around halfway. The estimated time varies from 3hrs up to 21days. It is a big file, 7.9GB, so I don't expect an instant download, but once it gets to 4GB it seems to give up altogether. If I open and test it with 7-Zip, I get this message:

    I would appreciate any advice you can give me

    Thanks for all your work


    A great idea, done well, so well done all concerned. Maybe one of you could write an update for my brain, so that I can see something right in front of me saying "Aerofly FS2 Scenerie-Map" instead of wasting minutes searching for it in other tabs ? :rolleyes:

    I must be getting too old for this sort of thing^^

    Yes, that makes sense. It looked like a possible reason why some people have the bridge, and some don't. Steam has an 'integrity checker' which will check & repair your Steam installations for any bad files - have you tried that ?

    Can't think of anything else.

    I have the bridge . My install is a DVD one. I bought the North Eastern USA scenery from sim-market, and their product info says clearly: "

    This product is not compatible with the Steam version of Aerofly 2!"

    Could this be part of your problem?