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    To 'stratospheric': what are these so called controllers for?

    It look likes for blind people, so they can feel on the form what action they represent, hardly suitable

    for handling FlightSim-commands during an (invisible?) flight.

    I think they're pretty cool. What started out as a joint venture to empower gamers with disabilities is now a much broader target demographic.

    For example, simulation of sliders and others split & join control modules that can be placed in a VR sim cockpit - perfect for such things as elevator trim etc. Precise control that stays put. But Logitech and Microsoft can explain it much better than I can:

    It seems to me that the images looks more crisp with Reshade. Something for VR ?

    Ya, I'd also like to know how well this works in VR with FS2 and xp11 (both Vulkan). Reading info on the Reshade website it seems to require higher GPU usage which may be ok since I seem to be mainly CPU bound (even with a i9 9900k at 5Ghz) and my gtx1080ti seems to have a lot of headroom. Thanks.

    ReShade works well in VR in FS2, XP11, MSFS, DCS etc but yes it needs Maximum Headroom. Of course much depends on the scenery in which you're flying, the aircraft especially altitude & airspeed.

    I'm flying around Oahu a real lot on maxed out 6 High End auto-batch file as well as maxed out everything in Nvidia settings & Reshade. The northern caldera that rises up from the Makaha shoreline is spectacular in the EC135 and it's no doubt very demanding on the GPU. I'm seeing around 50 FPS with the Reverb G2 every setting maxed.

    So being a motion platform home cockpit builder is not my expertise and it shows :huh:

    However there's the v3 Traction Plus available not far from here as well as the cockpit for a steep AUD$9,999 and the same again for the traction Plus . I didn't want to ask how much the Ryan Aerospace Helimod 3 platform is. I think I need to convince myself I can build one too for much less.

    Reshade is very useful & effective. Thanks for pointing it out !!

    I've been trying depth-edge-detection-driven SMAA antialiasing & screen space ambient occlusion in combination with some Nvidia VR settings like Super sampling.

    I'm using a 10 or 11 year old Saitek X-65F - the only force sensing flight controls that I've seen outside of an F-16. It's unbreakable, no springs, no moving parts, it's by far the best, infinitely durable & realistic feel of any I've tried and I've tried a few

    Only problem it's somewhere between seriously unlikely and totally impossible to find unless you got a time machine to take you back to 2010.

    Next best available option for me might be the Logitech G X-56 - it's sold out for now but no doubt will be restocked very soon.

    Logitech G X56 VR Simulator Compatible HOTAS Joystick