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    Now that we have the glorious representation of Scotland to fly over, I would like to put in a request for more British General Aviation repaints from those talented repainters out there. Would be nice to have a few more G-reg Cessna 172s, and also the Robin, Baron and Pitts. With so many gliding strips in Scotland, a G-reg ASG29 would be a nice addition as well. And, one last unique thought for the warbird enthusiasts, the Corsair was operated in WW2 by the Royal Navy (Fleet Air Arm).

    Kudos to those who have brought us Scotland scenery (Geoconversions, Airports, Mesh, Cultivation). Just wowed by your contribution.

    - Kenneth

    I am probably missing something simple here, but will ask regardless.

    I'm working on a simple repaint of the third party Piper Cub addon. Everything is going well with the conversion process until it stalls with a message saying "Cannot load aircraft - set Aerofly FS2 folder in config.tcm"

    What I cannot understand is that by that time the converter has already loaded the aircraft into the my documents/.../aircraft/pipercub folder. Everything is there except a preview.ttx which has failed to generate. At that point, I can get the aircraft to fly in FS2 only if I copy an existing preview.ttx file from another pipercub repaint and place it in the new repaint's folder.

    So, what am I missing?

    - Kenneth