Upload Anleitung

Contributing your own files or aircraft repaints to our Download section

If you would like to share your own work , here are the instructions for sharing your creations on our pages:

  1. Zip your project package; zip the converted files exactly as they are when they are created in your simulator - folder. Please make the name of the folder that has the repaint in lower case with no spaces.
  2. Please give your Zip file a meaningful name, with only lower case letters and no spaces. As an example, if you made the repaint 'green' for the B737, name you file 'aerofly_fs_2_aircraft_repaint_b737_green.zip'.
  3. If you send us your work / you upload it, you declare that the files are 100% free of right third parties and
    you have created the files 100% by yourself and you have read and accepted our EULA and Privacy Policy.

Then 2 ways :

Use our upload form in the filebase ( + upload file - button)

or :

Email the zipped file of your creation, a brief description of your repaint, your user name (if you wish to have it posted in the forum), and a PNG image of your project (for the posting) to: senden.jpg

Your contribution will be mostly directly added to the download section by our moderators.