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    This scenery can not be sold, it is provided free without any guarantee. What it contains: ground photo, elevation data, generic autogen building and vegetation, night lighting and a basic airport (track, flatten). What it does not contain:…
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    Full version here >> flight-sim.org/filebase/index.…e-freeware-scenery-1-0-1/

    Update to 1.0.1


    - Adding missing vegetation cultivation files
    - Modifying and adding English & French documentation
    - Modifying tsc cultivation file about…
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    To help add immersion and extra detail for DIY cultivation. "Basic" texture work added over models gathered and converted from 3DWarehouse. For installation of these models please do your own research. Enjoy!
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    The idea is to provide a basic scenery of this beautiful area with level 9 to level 11 image tiles.
    This combines with an accurate elevation model of level 10.
    Users can easily add a large number of airports from FSCloudPort.
    Additionally I will publish…