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    The initial response to PylonGen was quite positive but it became very clear that it was a point solution within a much wider scenery generation need.

    So rather than hard code new object types in PylonGen the concept was re implemented based on an XML…
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    please contact me. I think I have interesting information for you.
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    Thanks for your nice words, Michael.
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    thanks for your cultivation of Northern Italy, it fits really well to Venice.
    I like it and hope, you do the adjacent part of Padova as well.

    Please just exclude the airport Marco Polo from the cultivation, only the part covered by my small ground…
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    The green is the content of the Bing images, I assume it is a summer image with algae blooms.
    I'd rather prefer images with a more blue water color.

    The Venice 3D scenery does not exactly match the ground image, so we would see image houses in the 3D…
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    Adak47 : Sorry for the inconvenience, I don't know the MAC structure. But you can use the old file structure as well.

    My venice folder from the zip file:
    Move folders LIPV and LIPZ to ...\aerofly FS 2\senery\places
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    This is the Venice scenery for aerofly FS 2.

    Please find a small local airport Giovanni Nicelli at the Lido to start your excursion to Venice.
    The scenery contains several scenic buildings which you can explore. Also 3 heliports have been added to the…
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    Thanks for the hint. I checked this before publishing and know it was attached to the ground.
    I'll have to recheck it...
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    I'm not familiar with the area, so I didn't pay attention to the Bridge. Now I checked it in Google and think about adding it to the scenery.
    On the other hand I still don't know the detailed intention of OrbX and IPACS about Washington State.