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    Hat die Datei WaN: Lake Chelan Airport hinzugefügt.
    S 10 Lake Chelan Airport is another airport for the WaN scenery, 70 km SW of Omak.
    The small airport is located above the valley slope of the Columbia River.
    As a special feature the hydroelectric Wells Dam is part of the scenery (author Mr B.).
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    Hat die Datei WaN: Whidbey Island hinzugefügt.
    Whidbey Island contains 4 airports NAS Whidbey, NOLF Coupeville, KOKH Oak Harbor and 13w Camano Island.

    These are 2 Navy airfields and 2 smaller regional airports for General Aviation.
    Please download the WaN scenery package to get the basic imagery.
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    Hat einen Kommentar zur Datei WaN: KOMK Omak geschrieben.
    Kommentar (Datei)
    I'll be away the next few days, but untill end of the week you can expect 4 more airports.
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    Hat die Datei WaN: KOMK Omak hinzugefügt.
    KOMK Omak, also known as Omak Municipal Airport is a regional airport in Okanogan, Washington.
    Please download the WaN scenery package to get the basic imagery.
    This pack includes level 12-14 images for the airport area, manually placed 3D buildings,…
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    Hat auf einen Kommentar von Republic DC-9 zur Datei WaN: Washington North scenery from USGS images geantwortet.
    Antwort (Datei)
    Thanks for your comment.
    I hope to publish the first set of airports within the next days.
  • Rodeo

    The idea is to provide a basic scenery of this beautiful area with level 9 to level 11 image tiles.
    This combines with an accurate elevation model of level 10.
    Users can easily add a large number of airports from FSCloudPort.
    Additionally I will publish…