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    Fly North Switzerland DLC with autogen.
    Airports exclude : Bern, Grenchen, Meiringen, Thun, Albis, Alpanch, Buochs, Buttwil, Meiringen, Mollis, Sarnen, Shanis, Wanden-Lachen, Lupfig, Speck Fehraltor, Zurich.

    Don't forget to install the FSCloudPort
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    Mag die Datei AUTOGEN LOS ANGELES 2.
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    Note:You must take into acount:
    1) the load of the scenery in KLAX will take about 2 min
    2) perhaps sometimes stutters when loads sceneries 2s.
    3) maybe there are some mistakes.
    for example in aguas azules there are trees tha cover the runway but I can…
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    Fly East Switzerland DLC with autogen.
    Three airports exclude : Samedan (LSZS), Bad Ragaz (LSZE) and Sitterdorf (LSZV)

    Don't forget to install the FSCloudPort airports to complete the scene :
    - Bad Ragaz (LSZE)
    - Sitterdorf (LSZV)

    Installation :
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    Thanks to Nabeel and his AFS2 Cultivation/Scenery editor, I was able to clean the buildings that bloomed a little anarchically in this area.

    The update version is know 1.0.0

    Installation :
    Extract the "Autogen Switzeland"

    Copy the "ch"…
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    Mag die Datei KRNO Reno Area Autogen.
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    KRNO Reno Area Autogen - By request. Adds cultivation to the KRNO Reno area, with excludes for the existing downtown scenery created by IPACS.

    Designed to enhance this great simulator with more autogen.

    Steve Colbert
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    Mag die Datei Autogen Los Angeles.
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    just copy (ca_s) into Aerofly FS2 addons folder:

    eg ........AeroflyFs2/addons/scenery/usa/places/ca2_s

    go to Los Angeles and fly

    This is my first work maybe there are some mistakes.
    I will try to make more addons if this is ok.
    I´ve tested with PC…
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    Cultivated autogen for the entire KSBA Santa Barbara, CA area.

    Please follow the instructions in the Read Me file.

    I hope this helps enhance your enjoyment of this wonderful, smooth running simulator - and spread the word about how fun Aerofly FS2 can…