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    Cultivation for these areas of Germany.



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    Mag die Datei Dornier 27 / CASA 127.
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    Dornier do27 / Construcciones Aeronáuticas SA 127

    To install just unzip the file in your Aerofly fs2 aircraft directory

    Please keep in mind that Im not a pilot so the flight model can be unreal, I tried to reflect the stol capabilities of the real…
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    Mag die Datei Race Track Interlaken.
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    To instal just unzip the files into your \Documents\Aerofly FS 2\scenery\places\CH folder.

    In the attachment you will find a track diagram. Rules like in other such event: two times we travel the entire route, wings leveled in blue gates and knifed in…
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    (Bugs that appeared after the last AFS2 update are now fixed, please delete the 0.1.0 version before install the 0.1.1)

    Here's the first realizations of some official mountain landing places in Switzerland. For the moment :
    - LSVD Clariden Hüfifirn
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    Hat einen Kommentar zur Datei Autogen Switzerland South geschrieben.
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    What is the difference between this and the one from Orbx?
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    A simple but complete autogen, from San Francisco to Half Moon bay

    Installation :
    Extract the "Autogen SF to"

    Copy the "usa" folder into the Aéroly fs 2 AddOns folder

    with a steam version (as you want):
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    I did this for myself and I would like to share it with the community.
    I´ve tested with PC intell 7700k 16Gb RAM GTX1080 Oculus Rift CV1 and works ok.

    This file compliments with the excellent San Francisco from drassaud
    it doesnt overlap and covers all…
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    Fly San Francisco Bay with a more complete autogen than the base scenery

    This file include my first release : Autogen San Francisco to Half Moon bay

    (The autogen is not complete in certain zones (San José, Hayward), because many buildings are not…
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    Mag die Datei AUTOGEN LOS ANGELES 2.
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    Note:You must take into acount:
    1) the load of the scenery in KLAX will take about 2 min
    2) perhaps sometimes stutters when loads sceneries 2s.
    3) maybe there are some mistakes.
    for example in aguas azules there are trees tha cover the runway but I can…
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    Mag die Datei Miami Air Races.
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    EASY INSTALL - just un-zip the file into your \Documents\Aerofly FS 2\scenery\places\US folder - that's it!

    You'll see a new subfolder called "MiamiAirRaces" .

    Course Difficulty Levels
    1 - Rio De Janeiro
    2 - Abu…