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    Hat auf einen Kommentar von Tomfa zur Datei La Martinique Freeware Scenery 1.0.1 geantwortet.
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    Salut, malheureusement pas de sources valable "open" pour ces magnifiques endroits... Donc c'est pas prévu pour le moment :-(
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    Fly East Switzerland DLC with autogen.
    Three airports exclude : Samedan (LSZS), Bad Ragaz (LSZE) and Sitterdorf (LSZV)

    Don't forget to install the FSCloudPort airports to complete the scene :
    - Bad Ragaz (LSZE)
    - Sitterdorf (LSZV)

    Installation :
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    Fly North Switzerland DLC with autogen.
    Airports exclude : Bern, Grenchen, Meiringen, Thun, Albis, Alpanch, Buochs, Buttwil, Meiringen, Mollis, Sarnen, Shanis, Wanden-Lachen, Lupfig, Speck Fehraltor, Zurich.

    Don't forget to install the FSCloudPort
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    Thanks to Nabeel and his AFS2 Cultivation/Scenery editor, I was able to clean the buildings that bloomed a little anarchically in this area.

    The update version is know 1.0.0

    Installation :
    Extract the "Autogen Switzeland South.zip"

    Copy the "ch"…