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    Mag die Datei WaN: Whidbey Island.
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    Whidbey Island contains 4 airports NAS Whidbey, NOLF Coupeville, KOKH Oak Harbor and 13w Camano Island.

    These are 2 Navy airfields and 2 smaller regional airports for General Aviation.
    Please download the WaN scenery package to get the basic imagery.
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    The Aerofly FS 2 flightPathRecorder app is a simple Java implementation that captures the GPS info
    broadcast from Aerofly FS2 and creates a KML file to define the flight path.

    The flightPathRecorder can run on the same host as Aerofly FS 2 or on a…
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    Like (Datei)
    Fly west Switzerland DLC with autogen.
    Don't forget to install the FSCloudPort airports to complete the scene.

    Installation :
    Extract the "Autogen Switzeland"

    Copy the "ch" folder into the Aéroly fs 2 AddOns folder

    with a steam…
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    Hat auf einen Kommentar von drassaud zur Datei La Martinique Freeware Scenery 1.0.1 geantwortet.
    Antwort (Datei)
    Merci à toi drassaud,
    Pour info il y a déjà un bon tuto sur la création de mesh/elevation ici:
    C'est en anglais mais tu devrais avoir toutes les infos nécessaire dedans. c'est d'ailleurs sur celui ci que je me…
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    A simple but complete autogen, from San Francisco to Half Moon bay

    Installation :
    Extract the "Autogen SF to"

    Copy the "usa" folder into the Aéroly fs 2 AddOns folder

    with a steam version (as you want):
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    To help add immersion and extra detail for DIY cultivation. "Basic" texture work added over models gathered and converted from 3DWarehouse. For installation of these models please do your own research. Enjoy!
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    This small tools will configure automaticaly your cultivation section in a TSC file.
    First unzip AUTOTSCTOC.EXE in the folder where you have your TSC and TOC files
    Just launch AUTOTSCTOC.EXE .
    On the lest side you will see all your TOC files.
    Click on…
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    A step by step tutorial to allow you to create terrain mesh for Australia from freely available terrain data from Geosciences Australia for Aerofly FS2