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    Likes the entry Aerofly FS4 Duo Discus Glider on the filebase.
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    Duo Discus for Aerofly FS 4
    Readme for version 1.0


    The Duo Discus is a high performance glider from the German manufacturer Schempp Hirth. We have recreated this aircraft for Aerofly FS so that you can fly it in the sim. Our Duo Discus
  • Schnuffelduffel

    Likes the entry UK - North Wales Photo Scenery 2023 on the filebase.
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    Images courtesy of Bing with permission (2018) and hand edited using Paint.Net for use in fs2 and fs4.:)
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    Images courtesy of Bing with permission 2018 and hand edited using Paint.Net.

    My sincere thanks to TomSimMuc and MDlvey for their time testing before public release.

    If you have any of my West Wales scenery installed please disable/delete before using…
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    Has added the entry Hakodate - Photoscenery ( remastered ) to the filebase.
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    Restored Photoscenery for FS2 and FS4.

    Hakodate City in highest resolution 0,149 m/pixel up to ZL15. :)

    Take all the image-folder from this packs in your "japan" scenery folder, like:

    C: /user/ documents/ aerofly fs2 (or fs4)/ addons/ scenery/ japan/