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    As I heard from Schnuffelduffel on my request, 4 people have donated something for his Italy scenery so far.

    This is a huge disappointment, because he asked that if we like the scenery, we should donate something. He is not concerned about the amount of the donation, but only about the fact that he can't see that his work is appreciated.

    We must not forget that he wrote that he is self-employed. So the whole work for all of us (and of course for himself) has really cost him money, because without the project he would have accepted one or the other additional order.

    We appreciate that some of us offer high quality freeware, but we also accept a reasonable purchase price for other sceneries, and we also donate to non-profit organizations to get sceneries. It would be very nice, if we would also be able to give the creator of such a great scenery, on which he has worked for almost a year, on a completely voluntary basis a contribution in case we like it.

    These are just my 5 cents on this topic, Schnuffelduffel has nothing to do with this statement.

    Riccardo, donate something to Italy and you'll also get your Lake Como. Riccardo, dona qualcosa per l'Italia e riceverai anche il tuo Lago di Como.