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    Likes the entry Aircraft Carrier on visit to Wilhelmshaven on the filebase.
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    Here is the version optimised for FS4!


    Already 4 times the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz (CVN-68) has visited Wilhelmshaven, the naval base of the German Navy on the North Sea coast. This article recreates such a visit with 1x…
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    Likes the entry Airmail 14: San Francisco on the filebase.
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    Starting at Reno you follow the old Transcontinental Airway System of 1924 to San Francisco. Your waypoints are placed on historical U.S. Airmail Beacons. Some of these are still visible today, consisting of a tower and a giant concrete arrow.

    See also…
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    Likes the entry Mission: Norway rocks on the filebase.
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    It is late in the afternoon, but the famous Preikestolen and Kjerag formations await. Keeping clear of the dangerous drafts around the mountain edges, you make your way through the fjords of Norway.

    For Aerofly FS 4 you may want to download…
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    Special thanks to:

    Thanks to flying_FS for building this fantastic airport scenery
    Thank you to TomSimMuc for the help and Chrispriv for the modified version of Aeroscenery

    Copy the unzipped content to: C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Aerofly…
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    Likes the entry Mission: Carl's homecoming on the filebase.
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    Carl has passed away at age 92. After living a life full of adventures, moving between many cities in Northern Europe, he has finally come to a rest.

    Being a close friend to him, your name came up in his testament. You are to carry his urn to the…