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  • ZoSoChile

    Liked the file Autogen_Santa Barbara.
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    this file contains cultive of santa barbara and surroundings and is connected with Los Angeles 3

    if you have Santa Barbara from other author you can rename SBA.toc or just delet it

    To install

    Documents/Aerofly fs2…
  • ZoSoChile

    Liked the file Autogen Los Angeles 3.
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    Before to install read first:

    I have a i7 16Gb Ram memory GTX 1080 this scenery works fine but the loading is a litle long.

    This file is totally new you will have to delete Los Angeles 2, to avoid duplicate.
    I want to thank Nabeel and his Scenery…
  • ZoSoChile

    Liked the file aerofly FS2 car library.
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    This is a set of 42 low poly cars which can be used for cultivation in aerofly FS 2.
    Due to the low poly models and tiny bitmaps I don't expect any kind of frame drop even with large numbers.

    The cars contain a night texture, so they are the first cars…
  • ZoSoChile

    Liked the file Piper PA-11 Cub Special.
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    Finally, the Piper Cub passed the final tests and was allowed to fly in public space.

    Original 3D design and original sound files: Adrian Fernandez Gomez (please visit http://www.alcala-sim.com).

    Aerofly FS 1 aircraft and Aerofly FS 2 adaptation:…
  • ZoSoChile

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    Forgot to thank you, I fly this the other and loved it!
  • ZoSoChile

    Commented on the file 10M MESH - NORWAY.
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    You sir are a life saver! Thank you soo much for your efforts.
  • ZoSoChile

    Liked the file 10M MESH - NORWAY.
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    Due to upload limitations on flight-sim.org, the files will be available for download through an external website (cloud).
    The mesh is divided into three parts (South, Central and North), this is mainly due to making things easier for me to…
  • The initial response to PylonGen was quite positive but it became very clear that it was a point solution within a much wider scenery generation need.

    So rather than hard code new object types in PylonGen the concept was re implemented based on an XML…
  • ZoSoChile

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    I have made all my cultivation using the default darker roof top colours. However thanks to Rodeo he offers in his Venice scenery an alternative which gives lighter roof tops and blends more accurately with the satellite building images.

    This comes…