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    Palma-de-Mallorca Spain. :)

    Extract file to :- C:\Users\Documents\Aerofly FS 2\scenery\places

    If your using a Mac pc , then open it up with notepad ++ and change the code from flat to lonlat were it says this.

    <[string8] [coordinate_system][flat]>

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    Thanks Colin!

    You have made me a great pleasure as I have been spending my summer holidays on Mallorca for many years. If it will be possible this year even with COVID, we will know soon.

    Just a small remark/ bug-report:
    Had very long loading times…
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    A repaint for the AFS2 Lynx Mk7 helicopter as adapted for a civilian model. Can be used for flying around the Hawaiian Island scenery (not yet released) or as a static model. 8o
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    Likes the entry Lynx7 repaint - U. S. Marines (brown) on the filebase.
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    Download the file here. Unzip it, move the folder with the files to your personal Aircraft/lynx7 AFS2 folder. Reboot and go fly. Enjoy. 8o
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    Likes the entry Lynx 7 - Paradise Helicopters on the filebase.
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    A simple fictional repaint for a tourist version of LarryLynx's excellent Mk 7. Still has the military interior, but, looks good from a distance. Flying version and static versions available. This is the flying version. 8o