Changing the intensity of internal cockpit reflections and improving the scenery colour

  • This may be very old news, but I often felt that the glass cockpits faded the colours of the scenery too much, and sometimes, the internal cockpit reflections were too distracting. It turns out that you can alter this in the "main.mcf".

    I have a Steam install, so my main.mcf is located at the path "<DRIVE LETTER>:\Users\<USERNAME>\Documents\Aerofly FS 2\".

    The entry that I altered was originally set as:

    <[vector2_float64][graphics_glass_transparency][0.1 0.75]>

    I altered this to have the new values as:

    <[vector2_float64][graphics_glass_transparency][0.05 0.2]>

    There's nothing special about choosing these numbers, as my tests were not exhaustive, but I found a new sweet spot for my liking, which makes the scenery colours pop better in VR, and reduces the impact of internal reflections, but they can still be seen. If you set both values to zero, the glass disappears, which is cool, but not that great after the novelty wears off.

    I have attached two screen shots. The Original game settings and my Altered settings.





    Hope this helps anyone with the same "niggle" :)



  • Wow, that worked great, esp. with heli's. I asked af2 support a long time ago about this and they told me it could not be done. Much easier to do here globally compared to xp11 where I need to mod glass objects for each aircraft and then xp11 tries to overwrite this with every update. Many thanks mate and cheers.